As society turns towards living a healthier lifestyle, many meeting hosts are finding ways to bring this to the workplace. Since networking, training, and deal making can be stressful on the mind and body, many employees are finding ways to bring healthy options to their meetings. Prioritizing health and wellness can be especially beneficial during long meetings or extensive training sessions. So, how can you add a healthy element to your next work meeting? Here are some great tips:

  1. Ease the nerves of your attendees. When meetings are geared towards decision or deal making, or even learning something new, those in attendance can feel a sense of stress. Especially if the meetings are full of attendees that don’t know each other, this stress can affect their concentration. Find a way to incorporate a social, teambuilding activity. Groups that are required to attend meetings regularly have also found success by taking one day to engage in a volunteer project as a team. Building a community together will build a stronger community within the work place.
  2. Get everyone moving! Sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your health. Gather your group and have them go for a quick walk. You can even organize a once a year walkathon to get everyone together. Keeping your attendees in motion during your meeting can improve memory, be good for the heart and lungs, and have a positive effect on the overall mood in the room.
  3. Get on your feet. Host a stand-up meeting. Spending less time in their chair and more time on their feet can keep your attendees’ brains more engaged and make for a more effective meeting.
  4. Offer frequent breaks. Short breaks, especially a burst of activity, can be a great boost for the overall vibe of the meeting. Writing these breaks into your agenda is a great way to make sure you are consistent with remembering to take a break. Some companies have been successful with bring in a short yoga class, quick walk, or a guided meditation to their meeting.
  5. Get fruity. Have fruit readily available during the meeting. Place it sporadically where everyone can reach. Traditional fruits like bananas, oranges, and apples can be boring. If you really want to impress your attendees, try exotic mixes in a fruit salad. If you are starting early in the morning, fruit can be a great breakfast food for meetings.
  6. Offer healthy snack breaks. Taking the time to stop for a healthy snack can give blood sugar a burst. Include options that are good for the brain like granola bars, nuts, and hummus dips.
  7. Get your vegetable fix. If you are offering a lunch during the meeting, keep it light. Stay away from meat products. Focus on healthy vegetables that are vitamin and iron rich. Broccoli and spinach are great options to incorporate into your meals.
  8. Be smarter with waste. Many meetings end with a lot of excess waste. Buffets can bring an excessive amount of food that goes untouched. To cut down on waste, a few smaller meals. Cutting the portions not only leads to less waste, it can help regulate your attendees’ intake of calories.
  9. Keep them hydrated. Although they might be looking for an excessive amount of coffee to keep them engaged, offering water is better for the brain and the body.
  10. Fuel up with power food. To make the most out of the time you have, choose brain food. Especially in situations where we need to fully engage, choosing food that brings energy to our bodies and power to our brains is a great way to find success. Green leafy vegetables, raw chocolate, nuts, seeds, and fish are all great options. Choosing healthy options can improve concentration, alertness, and memory leading to a more productive meeting.

Think about choosing a healthier option when planning your next workplace meeting. You will find that your employees and/or attendees will be happier and there will be an increased sense of accomplishment when you see how productive everyone could be as a result.