1. Healthiest Diets You Should Try Out in 2017

    One of the most pressing subjects on the minds of Americans is how can I lose more weight and get healthy? With the diet market exploding each year, and so many “fad” diets available for weight loss, it is hard to know which work and which ones are a waste of time and money. While some new diets do deliver quality results, it’s hard to tell, when they hit the market, if they will deliver. Stop the struggle and leave the testing to us. We’ve compiled a list of the top three diets to help you meet your weight loss goals.

    High Protein Diets

    High protein diets have been around for years. That’s because they have a proven track record of real weight loss results. In addition to helping you lose weight, high protein diets have an overall healthy effect on your body. They reduce body fat, protect your lean muscle mass, and help maintain your ideal weight. And, most high protein diets also give you a solid intake of fiber, vitamins, and minera

  2. 5 Tips for Weight Loss on a Budget

    Eating healthy is an investment of both time and money. So, for those living on a tight budget, I can’t afford to embark on a weight loss plan is a common excuse. But, the truth is, if you want to lose weight, you can easily do it on a tight budget. And, to show you this, we’re sharing five tips for weight loss on a budget. You will no longer have to turn to cheap, processed food manufacturers to eat. And, you can leave the inexpensive, unhealthy fast foods at the drive thru. Here’s some easy ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

    Make breakfast at home

    With busy lifestyles, and not a lot of money in the bank, many people head to McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts to grab a cheap breakfast that they can eat on the run. With foods like these, heavy carbs go a long way to keep you full throughout the day. But, they aren’t good for you at all. And excess sugars from carbs are stored in fat cells. Believe it or no

  3. Common Misconceptions in a Weight Loss Journey

    Weight loss is an important part of your self-esteem and your overall health. While it is essential to achieving the best version of yourself, it can often be a struggle. There are many things that can hinder your weight loss success. One of the biggest things that create a struggle for people trying to lose weight is falling victim to common misconceptions in weight loss. When you eliminate those myths, you are on your way to an easier weight loss journey. Let’s visit some common weight loss myths and go over some helpful tips on how to handle them.

    Count and reduce calories is the only thing you need to do to lose weight

    This myth is only partially true. We do lose weight when we are burning more calories than we consumer, but that is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss and calories. The most important way to handle calories is to be conscious of why types of calories you are consuming and reduce or eliminate the bad calories that are

  4. Top Tips for Planning a Healthy Work Meeting

    As society turns towards living a healthier lifestyle, many meeting hosts are finding ways to bring this to the workplace. Since networking, training, and deal making can be stressful on the mind and body, many employees are finding ways to bring healthy options to their meetings. Prioritizing health and wellness can be especially beneficial during long meetings or extensive training sessions. So, how can you add a healthy element to your next work meeting? Here are some great tips:

    1. Ease the nerves of your attendees. When meetings are geared towards decision or deal making, or even learning something new, those in attendance can feel a sense of stress. Especially if the meetings are full of attendees that don’t know each other, this stress can affect their concentration. Find a way to incorporate a social, teambuilding activity. Groups that are required to attend meetings regularly have also found success by taking one day to engage in a volunteer project
  5. Are Protein Bars Healthy for Weight Loss?

    There is no other diet that brings results like one that is high in protein. Since protein has satiating nutrients, eating a high protein diet will fill you up and keep you full. Protein bars are a great option to add to your weight loss, but not all protein bars are made the same. And, in some cases, they can actual hurt your weight loss results rather than amplify them.

    What’s in the Bar?

    Since high protein diets became popular, the options for protein bars on the market continue to rise. And, they are all made different. Some are healthier than others. Look for protein bars that are high in protein without a lot of fat, added sugars, or high calories. The healthiest protein bars have a calorie count of about 200. Additionally, choose an option with 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Also, watch out for protein bars with a lot of added sugars. Aim for 10 grams of sugar or less and 2 grams of saturated fat or less.

    When choosing the rig

  6. Top 5 Diet Drinks for Weight Loss

    Just as drinking the wrong thing can add to your weight gain, drinking the right thing can increase the effectiveness of your weight loss routine. While liquids such as alcohol and soft drinks make losing weight difficult and can cause us to pack on the pounds, healthy drinks can improve our weight loss effectiveness and aid in our success. So, since drinking is just as important as eating, what are the top five diet drinks for weight loss?

    1. Ice Cold Water
    • Drinking water that is ice cold can actually help us burn an additional 100 calories per day. This is because our body is forced to warm the water up as it filters through our system.
    • Drinking water with or before meals can help to curb our appetite. And, giving us a sense of fullness, it also leads to less food consumption.
    • Ice cold water allows our liver to burn more fat.
    • Si
  7. Popular Weight Loss Products to Bump Up Your Success

    Using weight loss products to increase your results is a great way to find the success you are looking for in your journey to a healthier you. Many weight loss products and supplements can enhance your metabolism, support fat loss, help you maintain a healthy appetite, aid in minimizing cravings, and optimize your workout by increasing your energy and focus. So, what weight loss products are known to have positive effects on your results?

    Ready-made Shakes

    While protein powder is an easy way to whip up a balanced meal by blending protein with a banana and some spices, sometimes we don’t even have time to make a protein shake. In fact, sometimes we can’t even find a minute to peel the banana. For this reason, grab and go ready-made shakes are a great option for hectic days. In addition to limiting your calories and helping with portion control, they are packed with protein that keeps you fueled and

  8. Benefits of Weight Loss

    We all know that losing weight has many benefits. From increasing our self-image to pleasing our doctors at our annual checkup, can you think of a time when someone had something bad to say about losing weight? Not unless you are doing it the wrong way and for the wrong reasons! It is not an easy journey to undergo, but, believe it or not, there are even more benefits to weight loss than you would imagine. And, some of them will surprise you.

    1. When you lose weight, you will sleep better. Sure, sleep is one of the things we need to help us lose weight. But, did you know that weight loss helps increase the quality of our sleep. By aiming for a reduction of as low as 5% of your body weight, you are actually helping your body sleep better and longer. And, weight loss can alleviate sleep apnea and snoring.
    2. You will have an increased sex drive. If things have been quiet in
  9. High Protein Snacks for Your Busy Lifestyle

    Many of us are limited by a busy lifestyle of work, children, volunteer activities, and even taking care of aging parents. When hunger hits, it is sometimes difficult to prepare something healthy to eat because your time may be limited. Most to go snack options that are found in stores are high in refined carbs and sugar and increase your cravings even more. Since you are already busy running around and burning calories, you might as well add to your weight loss by sticking to nutritious snacks that have protein.

    Why Protein Filled Snacks?

    Protein prompts fullness. Snacks serve the purpose of holding you over until it is time for the next meal. Since snacks work to keep your mind off eating, in many cases, choosing options that are high in protein can help to add energy and stabilize blood sugar levels. Just because you are constantly on the go doesn’t mean you should stop following your weight loss plan. Here is a list of ten great

  10. The Egg Diet

    Obesity is one of the leading health concerns in the United States today. Those who are overweight are at a heightened risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. While the traditional diet has driven the message that we reduce calorie intake, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise, there are other options available for those who do not have as much time to plan their meals. It is important to focus your main meals on fruit, veggies, grains, and beans. Reduce your intake of desserts, sweet drinks, and sugar packed foods. But, there is a diet out there that is becoming increasingly popular. And, paired with the right protein intake, it can aid a successful weight loss plan.

    What is it?

    The egg diet is said to help you reduce twenty-four pounds in two weeks. So, what is the hype all about? The main ingredient in this diet is eggs. Since we need calories for energy, this diet has proven to increase energy and aid in successful weight loss. While w